Application for Certificate in Geographic Information Science

This program allows an undergraduate in any major at GSU to gain training and certification in Geographic Information Science. This is a hot field that can add strength to careers in geography, geology, public health, sociology, policy, business, anthropology, and other fields.

Students are required to take GEOG 4518 (Digital Cartography), GEOG 4532 (Intro to GIS), GEOG 4534 (Advanced GIS) and then select one more elective from the other GIS-related courses offered (GEOG 4520, 4530, 4538, 4834, GEOL 4123, or CSC 1310).

  • This form is to be submitted by GSU Undergraduate Students who have completed all requirements for the Undergraduate Certificate in Geographic Information Science by the end of the current semester. After submitting this form, please follow up with Mrs. Kirn at (404) 413-5760, [email protected]) for processing of your Certificate request.

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