Dual Degree Program

Undergraduate DegreeBachelors/M.S. Geosciences


The Dual Degree Program is designed for high-achieving GSU undergraduate students majoring in Geosciences and allows students to complete both their Bachelors and Masters degrees in just five years. Students are able to take graduate-level courses as they complete their undergraduate degree.

Dual Degree Program Eligibility

  • 3.5 GPA or higher
  • Completed an upper division (4000-level) course in Geosciences
  • Faculty recommendation for Dual Degree Program

Program Progression

  1. Submit the Dual Degree Program application to Rene Mondy. She will then confirm your acceptance.
  2. Once accepted, each semester you will meet with the Director of the Geosciences Dual Degree Program to select courses. You will need to fill our the Graduate Course Approval Form while completing  the B.A./B.S. portion of the program.
  3. In your last year of undergrad, you will need to apply to graduate from the B.A. or B.S. portion of the program. You will also apply to the M.S. portion of the program. See Rene Mondy or Dr. Richard Milligan to discuss these steps.
  4. Upon matriculating in the M.S. program, you will engage with a faculty mentor and complete graduate coursework.
  5. A semester before completing M.S. degree requirements, you will need to apply to graduate from the M.S. portion of the program.

How to Register for Graduate Courses for Dual Degree Program Students

  1. Meet with your academic advisor to discuss your graduation plans and to review your reminding degree requirements. Click here for information about how to make an appointment with them.
  2. Meet with your dual degree faculty coordinator or his/her designee to discuss your progression in the dual degree program and graduate course enrollment options. View available course offerings by clicking here.
  3. If you plan to take a graduate course in the next upcoming term, fill out the Graduate Course Approval Form and email it to Rene Mondy or deliver it to her in person to Room 300 of 25 Park Place.
  4. Register for the graduate course once you receive an email confirming your authorization. Review your academic evaluation to see where the graduate course counts. If you have questions about where your graduate course is counting on your academic evaluation, email your concerns to Rene Mondy.

Financial Aid

  • Students completing graduate coursework while an undergraduate will pay the undergraduate tuition rate.
  • Dual degree students accepted into the M.S. program will be able to compete for Graduate Assistantships which come with tuition waivers for graduate program enrollment.
  • You waive the M.S. application fee.
  • Two courses count toward your undergraduate degree and your graduate degree (double credits).
  • Visit the Financial Management Center in Sparks Hall if you have concerns about your financial aid award.