Study Abroad

The Geosciences Department at Georgia State University is truly international. We have faculty and staff from around the world and our educational opportunities reflect that. We currently offer study abroad programs in Hong Kong and the Bahamas.

We believe that immersive and experiential learning are critical to a well-rounded geoscience education. These classes offer a chance to see how geology, geography, and the natural sciences affect our world: from city planning to how urban environments affect us from day to day. These unforgettable opportunities give meaning and texture to your education.

Our study abroad programs have an impact on the communities they touch. Our research helps us better understand these places and provides a platform for giving back.

Finally, we offer scholarships to students in need so that no one need miss the chance of a lifetime.

For information regarding our Bahamas study abroad, click here, or contact Dr. Visaggi.

For information regarding our Hong Kong Transnational study abroad, contact Dr. Katherine Hankins.