Dr. Jeremy Diem is the resident geographer-climatologist in the department.  He is most interested in local-scale impacts on precipitation and potential impacts of global warming on a suite of climate variables in different parts of the world.  His current and past research has examined the following: (1) air pollution; (2) the North American monsoon; (3) carbon fluxes in the Atlanta region; (4) urban effects of rainfall; (5) climate literacy; (6) precipitation variability in the southeastern United States; and (7) rainfall in eastern equatorial Africa.  He also oversees the Georgia State University carbon-dioxide monitor, which is used to assess the influence of anthropogenic activities in the Atlanta region on atmospheric CO2 concentrations.

Students at Georgia State can learn about climate and climate change by taking several courses.  Geography 1112 (introduction to Weather and Climate) provides the fundamental concepts of weather and climate.  This course has a state-of-the-art laboratory facility with inquiry-based, visualization-driven labs that were developed by Dr. Diem with support from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.  Geography 4784/6784 (Climatic Change) provides students with a comprehensive examination of the science behind climate change.