FAQ for undergraduates

Hybrid classes are available for GEOG 1112 (Weather & Climate) and GEOG 1113 (Landforms). Hybrid options have lectures that are online and labs that meet on campus. The only hybrid class online at the upper level presently is the summer offering of GEOG 4532 (Geographic Information Systems). There are no classes currently offered by GEOS that are fully online.
The major has four concentrations available for the B.S. in Geosciences (Geology, Environmental Geosciences, Geography, and Urban Studies). The B.A. in Geosciences is available for the concentrations in Geography and Urban Studies only. Review the catalog here to determine which path is for you, then speak to your advisor to get signed up for the major and a specific concentration. If you have already completed at least one introductory-level course in Geosciences, sign up for GEOG/GEOL 3000 (Foundations). Proceed to the next question for more information on what to do as a new major in GEOS.
The only classes that are required of all majors are GEOG/GEOL 3000 (Foundations), GEOG/GEOL 4830 (Senior Seminar), and an experiential learning course such as a field school, internship, study abroad program, or related courses that have substantial lab, research, or service-learning components.
Click here for our projected course schedule. This projected schedule is for informational purposes only and is subject to change at any time, without notice to individual students. The University will make every effort to keep students advised of any such changes. Students should note that it is their responsibility to keep apprised of current graduation requirements for their particular degree programs.
Please see the corresponding document. An application can be completed here.