Graduate Student Thien Tran Scores Scholarship

Posted On October 10, 2019
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Congratulations to graduate student Thien Tran, who received The Air & Waste Management Association (A&WMA) Scholarship for his research “Preparation and Characterization Study of Modified Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Using Iron-Oxide.” These scholarships are awarded to students conducting research on topics related to air quality, waste management, pollution prevention, environmental policy/compliance/law, sustainability, or a related topic. Of… more »

Dr. Crawford Elliott and Danny Gardner, MS, find rare-earth elements source in Georgia

Posted On January 14, 2019 by Layla Bellows
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Magnets, lasers, fiber optics and portable X-rays are all commonplace, but their production almost always requires a class of matter known as rare-earth elements, a category that includes yttrium, scandium, gadolinium and lutetium and thirteen other elements. Despite their ubiquity in our products, the U.S. currently is reliant on international sources for these materials.

There… more »

GSA Funds Advance Graduate Student Andrea McClure’s Volcanic Hazards Research

Posted On November 12, 2018 by Julia Kirn
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Andrea McClure first stepped into the STEM field as a Biology major at Appalachian State University. Before long though, she swapped the mountain-rimmed campus for Atlanta’s downtown Georgia State University (GSU) location.

Ironically, nature’s call echoed through the walls of an urban parking garage, what is now Kell Hall and where the Geosciences Department was… more »

Grad Student Sean Zigah Details Influence of Nano-Materials on Research

Upon completing his bachelor’s in Geosciences from Virginia Tech last year, Sean Zigah knew that the best step for his career would be the GSU Geosciences Department. “I learned about the microcalorimetry work that Dr. Nadine Kabengi has been conducting when one of her graduate students met with my undergraduate research group at Virginia Tech,”… more »

Céline Mollet-Saint Benoît: A Study in Plastics Awareness and Accessibility

Posted On September 28, 2018 by Megan Rich

For the third straight year, Microplastic Awareness Month has been observed in September. With the use of plastics becoming more prevalent and problematic across the globe, Georgia State graduate student Céline Mollet-Saint Benoît has dedicated her research on the health of our coastal ecosystems. It all started for her long ago, whether she knew it… more »

Undergrad Lisa Duong Mines Opportunity in Geosciences

At Georgia State, we pride ourselves on our undergrads. GSU just ranked “second in the country for its commitment to undergraduate teaching in the 2019 Best Colleges edition of U.S. News & World Report magazine.” That’s second to Princeton. And Geosciences undergrads like Lisa Duong are sure product of such pluck.

L: Most people… more »

Stellar Student David Davis: Research is the Key

Some students in the Geosciences Department seem to have always been around, like amiable ghosts of Kell Hall. You’ve presented with them at conferences and shared a pitcher at trivia night. In the case of undergrad David Davis, the truth is: he’s been a little bit of everywhere, and it’s his determination and involvement in… more »

Climatologist and Instructor Nyasha Dunkley: Follow Your Passion

When Georgia State Instructor and Deputy State Climatologist Nyasha Dunkley was young, one of her greatest fears was darkness. She’d watch the Weather Channel during every storm to gauge when to light the candles.

N: Every time a storm passed over our home, it would knock out our electricity.

And it was this rare process… more »