Au Revoir, 2018

Posted On December 7, 2018 by Julia Kirn
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2018 has been a year of change. Geosciences inched out of its Kell skin and turned to a new home – in Sparks Hall. This year has been an uphill climb, a huffing exertion. As of this week, we are all moved into Sparks Hall (an apt abode, as it was George Sparks who obtained Kell Hall in 1945 for GSU). We’ve combed every closet and war surplus desk. We’ve carted rock samples and bright orange crates. Our work is done here.

Now we begin to forge the path elsewhere, no doubt slightly littered with bits of maps and obsolete instrumentation. But the path leads to the promise of a green space settled in the eye of Atlanta. It signifies tabula rasa: our Extra White Sparks labs, and unpacked boxes.

We’d like to thank each and every student, staff, and faculty member for their dedication to this vision. Yesterday, we said goodbye to 2018, and ushered in 2019 at our annual holiday luncheon. To you, we say “Cheers” to a new chapter and to enjoying the fruit of our labors.


Drs. Elliott and Dai reminisce


Geosciences Chair Dr. Hankins, Céline Mollet-Saint Benoît, and Hae Seung Sung

Top: (L-R) Claire Mathis, Ashley Little, Shellby Miller
Bottom: Morgan Garner, Céline Mollet-Saint Benoît