Undergrad Lisa Duong Mines Opportunity in Geosciences

At Georgia State, we pride ourselves on our undergrads. GSU just ranked “second in the country for its commitment to undergraduate teaching in the 2019 Best Colleges edition of U.S. News & World Report magazine.” That’s second to Princeton. And Geosciences undergrads like Lisa Duong are sure product of such pluck.

L: Most people can recall that one teacher that changed their lives…mine was my introductory geology professor, [Dr. Dion Stewart]. His passion for geology was undeniable. His own personal stories brought the subject to life. I began to find solutions to many of my own questions about the world, things that I had wondered since I was a kid. From that point on, I was hooked.

And now Lisa provides supplemental instruction to other students enrolled in Geology I and II courses, working primarily with GSU’s Alpharetta campus. A sort of passing of the baton – and her dedication hasn’t gone unnoticed.

L: This summer, I was awarded the GSA Minority Student Scholarship for the southeastern section. Recipients of the award are given the opportunity to attend the GSA Annual Meeting (hosted in Indianapolis this November) and honored at an awards ceremony.

But that’s not the only accomplishment she’s tucked under her belt this past semester.

L: This summer I enrolled in the Costa Rica study abroad program, where I began work on an undergraduate research project involving olivine xenoliths.  My proudest moment of this trip was reaching the peak of Cerro Chirripó!   

Lisa plans to present her findings on the xenoliths at GSA’s gathering in 2019. She also intends to work toward a master’s degree and engage in more field experiences.