GSU Provost and Professor of Geosciences Risa Palm Publishes Paper on Climate Change Perception in Flagship Journal Annals of the AAG

Posted On March 13, 2017
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Dr. Risa Palm, who is the University Provost and also a Professor of Geosciences, has published a paper titled “What Causes People to Change Their Opinion about Climate Change,” in the journal Annals of the American Association of Geographers. She was joined in the paper by co-authors Drs. Gregory Lewis and Bo Feng, both of the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies. In the study, Dr. Palm and her colleagues used a large dataset with repeated interview questions asked of 9,500 respondents around the country, in both 2010 and 2014. They examined changes in opinion over that time, and tested for the impacts of personally experienced climatic events, interest in the news, political preferences, and other factors. Their results underscored how ideology, political affiliation, and relative concern for conservation and economic development all combined to produce shifts in opinion. Nearly one third of Americans now deny that climate is changing or that it is caused by human activity; Dr. Palm’s study shows how the increased political polarization in the nation is contributing to the growth in this opinion. The paper can be read at



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