Hydrology - Chattahoochee


For the past two decades, hydrology and hydrogeology research at Georgia State University has focused upon the evolution of natural water systems within Georgia and the southeastern Piedmont. Dr. Rose and his students have completed numerous studies involving the utilization of isotope hydrology, particularly environmental tritium, to better estimate the residence-time of shallow ground water in Piedmont Provinces. Shallow flow systems are the source of stream base flow which is an important water resource throughout the region. The hydrology and hydrogeology program at GSU has taken a leading role in studying the effects of urbanization upon the hydrology and geochemistry of stream flow within the Atlanta metropolitan region. Recent studies have focused upon better understanding major ion variation through the Upper Chattahoochee basin. We also have a strong interest in studying the chemical interactions of aqueous contaminants (particularly metals) on sediments. Currently we are involved in studying temporal variation patterns in rainfall and runoff to discern possible effects of climate change on water resources in the southeastern United States.